Spiritours is a unique tour operator that specialises in personal and spiritual development journeys and Christian pilgrimages for small groups with an accent on fair-trade tourism. Fair-trade tourism enriches both the travelers and the hosts. Its profits benefit the host country’s local economy and sustainable development.

Our Mission :

  • To help individuals to take a break and reflect on their lives
  • To encourage and facilitate personal and spiritual growth through one of our soulful journeys

Wherever its destination, what sets a sacred journey apart from an everyday walk, an adventure, or a tourist trip is the spirit in which it is undertaken. It is sacred if it sensitizes the individual to the deeper realities of his own being and of the world about him, if it brings together the inner and the outer worlds, the physical landscape serving as a mirror for the inner one.

– Roger Housden

Take a journey to find yourself

At some stage in their lives, every human being reflects on their own existence, the purpose of life, changes to make, new directions to take. It is essential, especially during times of transition, to stop your everyday activities to then be able to go inside yourself and listen to that little voice inside of you. Step back from all of your duties, social obligations, roles and expectations imposed by the people in your life, as well as from the flood of information and false identities that you take on because of your career, social circle or cultural identity. A soulful journey will enable you to get the relaxation and distance you need from your daily life in order to re connect with your inner self. In addition, contact with another culture will help you understand how your cultural and social network influences you, and it will also allow you to realize that this influence is independent of your true self.