When a journey to a faraway place becomes a journey into your deepest self

Have you had enough of racing around? Why not take some time to regenerate and get in touch with that important part of yourself you neglect far too often — your soul!

The trips we offer are unique in that they incite reflection and offer tools for human and spiritual growth. The objective is for each traveler to take that extra step, no matter where they are on their personal journey. Our trips respect the pace and beliefs of each person. Moments of silence are encouraged to facilitate profound renewal of the spirit. Natural landscapes, which often mirror spiritual landscapes, lead to contemplation. Therefore, nature plays an important role during our trips. Mutual acceptance is encouraged among travel companions in view of developing a sense of fraternity, respect for self and others, sharing and listening.


“Come away by yourselves in a secluded place and rest a while.” (Mk: 6, 31)

Towards a culture of giving

Economy of communion

We are member of the Economy of Communion. The Economy of Communion (EoC) project involves businesses on 5 continents. The business owners who participate in the project, freely choose to share their business profits according to three purposes of equal importance.


  • Help people in need – creating new jobs and intervening to meet their immediate needs beginning with those who share in the spirit that animates the Economy of Communion;
  • Spread the “Culture of Giving” and of loving – indispensable and necessary values for an Economy of Communion;
  • Grow the business – which has to remain efficient while remaining open to giving.

What's new?

Th EoC is born from a spirituality of communion, practiced in everyday life;
it combines efficiency and solidarity; it harnesses the strength of the culture of giving to change economic behaviors; it doesn’t consider the poor mainly as a problem, but as a precious resource.

Entrepreneurs who adhere to the Economy of Communion work together with all members of the business to formulate strategies, objectives, and business plans considering all the usual criteria for properly managing a business. They make investment decisions prudently paying particular attention to those criteria intended to encourage new initiatives and create new job opportunities.

The human person, not capital, is at the center of the business.

The business leaders attempt to make the best use of each employee’s talents encouraging their innovation and creativity, their assumption of responsibility, and their participation in defining and realizing the business’ objectives. The enterprise adopts specific measures to help those going through times of need.

The business is managed to promote increased profits and applies them to expand the enterprise, to help people who are experiencing economic difficulty beginning with those who share the choice of the “Culture of Giving,” and to help spread this culture.

For more information please visit: http://www.edc-online.org/