Magazines and newspapers

LIVING CITY, September 2006, “An agency with a different touch”
by Maria Dalgarno and Tom Sherrard. “The worst seems to be over for the beleaguered international travel industry. Things are finally looking up, and traverlers are in search of interesting alternatives. One tour operator – Spiritours –has added a unique dimension to visiting other lands. Based in Montreal, Canada, Spiritours offers travelers an opportunity to focus on the spiritual dimension of life, a chance to stop, reflect and refresh themselves on their journey through encounters with other cultures…”

SIAFU MAGAZINE, June/July 2006, “Beyond resorts”
Anne Godbout’s spiritours applies the tenets of ecotourism to spiritual traveling.

EOC NEWSBRIEF, Volume 11, Issue 1, Spring 2006, “On the road with Spiritours”
experience in Mariapolis Piero, Kenya, with a group in January 2006.