Spiritours is such a grace because it unites people spiritually in a deep way since they’re living their faith together and it allows people to reflect on their relationship with God.
Danielle Jones, Editor, Salt and Light Catholic media Foundation


Santiago de Compostela (the Way of St. James)

I loved my trip to Santiago de Compostela, and I would even say that it has changed my life. While on the Way of St. James, during the month of September, I’ve had a life-changing experience. And, just as September is a transition from summer to fall, that month has also been, for me, a transition from fall to summer. It has rejuvenated me, at 82! I am deeply grateful to Spiritours for having accepted me as spiritual guide for a marvelous group. I should also mention our guide Marilyne Arpin’s exceptional leadership qualities. May Spiritours continue to offer this type of challenges, at the end of which our knowledge of ourselves brings us to discover God. With blessings and affection for all of Spiritours’ team.
Father Gerard Marier

Holy Land

«Let the Holy Land speak of Jesus, whom we want to meet!» Today I feel like an apostle coming to spread the Good News: Jesus has risen!! Through my testimony, I wish to share the extraordinary grace that I felt while walking on the ground of Israel, the land of Jesus our Savior. My friends, words and photos could never be powerful enough to do justice to all that we have witnessed during this journey. I have lived such intense moments that tears could no longer flow and my breath was cut short. Since then, the Gospel has taken a whole new meaning for me, it is now alive in my heart and my mind. The teachings spoke by themselves. Jesus’ story, such as I though I knew it, is now even more beautiful to me. All these beautiful places, which still hold part of the Holy History, we visited them, walked through them, and shared experiences which will forever be engraved in my memory. In these places, we have grown through our faith. I have been transformed by Him (Jesus). I can say, with certainty, that this experience has helped me become a better person. Everything was perfect: the landscapes, our guide and spiritual facilitator, the welcome we received from the locals, the river, the schedule, our group, all of it. God had traced our path in His image. I wish that all the young people like myself, and everyone else, could walk in Jesus’s steps. Our future would be a better one if they did. Thank you to everyone who shared these moments with me and made them magical and unforgettable.
Myriam Quevillon, 23 years old


I had often dreamt of a long walk through the desert… What had seduced me in this journey was the idea of walking through time instead of through space. And then, someone suggested that we keep our watches at the bottom of our luggage. The perfect recipe for completely letting go! I have lived those moments in all their fullness, with complete trust, thanks to our team of experienced guides, generous and respectful towards each of us. Waking up to Berber songs, eating food that was perfectly suited for our activities, feeling immensely grateful towards the camels who were easing our load… I had often dreamt of a long walk through the desert… and now, I dream of going back! Inch Allah!
Johanne L., Pierrefonds, Qc

Thailand, Laos and Cambodia

I had been dreaming about it for so long: the giant Buddha, the white temple, the golden triangle, the peaceful cruise on Mekong river…not to mention the sharing and listening that bonded our small group. Such joy! Impeccable organization, a very researched itinerary and welcoming local guides. An exceptional incursion into South-East Asia that has brought me memories for life and also given me a new breath.
Andrée Lapointe, Director – Grands Explorateurs

Quebec province (incoming)

I just wanted to thank you for the quality of your organization. Thanks to you, this pilgrimage in Quebec has been very successful. The participants were really thrilled to discover saints and sanctuaries, as well as the beauty of our meetings, the landscapes and our exceptional guide…His talent is beyond question, and it stems out of his vast knowledge and love for his country (and of France). He is communicative, pleasant, funny and exceptionally approachable! The program was also perfect. I will surely recommend Spiritours to my colleagues who organize tours and would like to live the same experience in Quebec. And I will remember you, Laurence, as a competent, pleasant person, with great professional conscience. With best regards.
René A., France