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Would you like to organise a group trip? We are here to help you make your project a reality. We will take care of all the steps to organise your trip for your destination of choice: plane tickets, lodging, transportation, excursions, local guides, travel insurance.

We offer

  • A team of experts in transformational trips since 2003
  • All-inclusive product
  • Organisational escort
  • Promotional support (Web site, social media, signs, communication plan)
  • Strategic advice
  • Free trips for organizers (certain conditions apply)

Your responsibilities

“In Quebec, a person who organizes or offers trips to others performs functions normally reserved only to travel agents, who must hold the license required for this purpose. This is primarily intended to protect customers financially, since the law requires such travel agents to place without delay in a trust account funds received from customers, to provide a receipt of these funds and maintain records of each travel contract concluded.” (Extract from a letter from the Office of Consumer Protection, Government of Quebec.)

“For the purposes of this Act, a travel agent is a person, a partnership or an association that, on account of a third party or on account of its members, engages in or offers to engage in or issues vouchers for or offers to issue vouchers for any of the following operations: a) the booking or reservation of lodging accommodation; b) the booking or reservation of transportation services; c) the arranging of travel services.”

For more information see the following link: OPC – Travel agents regulation


  • Previously traveled
  • Experience as a group tour leader is an asset
  • Well established network
  • Planned and thought about your project: theme, location, experience, uniqueness
  • Conducted a survey of your clients: date, duration, price, destination

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