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You want to organize a group trip? We are here to help you make your project a reality. We will take care of all the steps of the organization of your trip to the destination of your choice: air tickets, accommodation, transportation, excursions, local guides, travel insurance.

What we offer

  • A team of experts in transformational travel since 2003
  • Turnkey product
  • Organizational support
  • Promotional support (website, social media, posters, communication plan)
  • Strategic advice
  • Free of charge for organizers (certain conditions apply)

Your responsibilities

“In Quebec, any person who arranges or offers travel on behalf of others performs functions that are normally reserved for travel agents, who must hold the required licence. The main purpose of this measure is to ensure the financial protection of clients, since the law requires travel agents to place funds received from clients in a trust account without delay, to provide them with a receipt for these funds and to keep up-to-date records of each travel contract concluded.” (From the OPC Business Letter, Government of Quebec, Office de Protection du Consommateur.)

“For the purposes of this act, a travel agent is any person, corporation, or association who, on behalf of others or its members, performs or offers to perform any of the following transactions or provides or offers to provide title to any of these transactions: a) the rental or reservation of lodging services; b) the rental or reservation of transportation services; or c) the arrangement of travel.”

For more information see the following link: TPO – Travel Agents Regulation


  • Have already traveled
  • Experience in coaching groups is an asset
  • Already have a good network of establishments
  • Have planned and thought about your project: theme, location, experience, uniqueness
  • Have carried out a survey of its customers: date, duration, price, destination
Type : Aux sources de la foi

Download the presentation for the organizers At the Sources of Faith

Type : Aux sources de l'être

Download the presentation for the organizers At the source of being

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