• Anne Godbout
    Anne Godbout Executive Director - Founder of Spiritours

    She has traveled around the globe a few times and has visited all the continents. Since 1992, she has been organizing group trips professionally and has been leading them regularly in different countries. She founded Spiritours in 2003. She studied administration and theology at Laval University in Quebec. She speaks French, English and Spanish fluently. She is a member of the Focolare movement and of Religions for Peace Canada

  • Raphael Debionne
    Raphael Debionne General director

    He graduated from Lyon Business School (France) and speaks fluently French, English, German and Spanish. Over 25 years he has developed management expertise in more than 20 countries. Moved by his passion for endurance sports and his eagerness to transmit the spirit of discovery, he recently trained in Adventure Tourism and Ecotourism in Quebec City. He is open-minded, cares for others and considers differences between persons as an enrichment. Inspired by Ignatian Spirituality, he is an active member of his parish and puts the human and spiritual dimensions at the center of his life.

  • Nadine Robillard
    Nadine Robillard Operations director (ext 205)

    She graduated from Collège April-Fortier in Travel Organization and Management, and acquired nearly two years of experience with a recognized tour operator before joining Spiritours in January 2008. She is passionate about human relationships and the discovery of other cultures. She believes that combining travel with personal and spiritual growth opens new horizons. Dynamism, professionalism, and openness characterize her.

  • Anne Hoarau
    Anne Hoarau Administrative assistant (EXT 206)

    From Reunion Island, Anne has always loved travels and discovering new horizons. She is passionate about wellness, personal growth and the environmental cause. Graduated from Collège April-Fortier, it is with joy that she works in the field of travel while being aligned with the values that are dear to her. Ready to welcome you with kindness, benevolence and non-judgment, she places the respect and well-being of each individual at the heart of her priorities.

  • Audrey Marebe
    Audrey Marebe Operations agent (EXT 208)

    Native of Rwanda, Audrey immigrated to Quebec at 5 years old. She did a major in Law & Society at Vanier College before concentrating on the field of travel. She graduated from Collège Sigma, and has been a member of the Focolare Movement since childhood. The unity of all people and different religions is close to her heart, especially through traveling.

  • Élodie Macé
    Élodie Macé Coordinator At the Sources of Being (EXT 204)

    Élodie has always been passionate about travelling, so, naturally, she made it her job. With 18 years of experience, 9 of which were in group trips, she enjoys sharing this passion with customers. Customer service is a real priority for her. She believes that every culture has something to offer, allows us to open to others, and learn tolerance.

  • France Lavoie
    France Lavoie Coordinator pilgrimage (ext 200)

    She has more than 13 years of experience in the Tourism Industry. A graduate of the April-Fortier College, she then worked in various departments of a renowned wholesaler in the industry. She speaks fluent French, English and Spanish. For her, travel is a passion and is the best way to learn about other cultures and especially to discover yourself. Curious, open-minded and dynamic, she loves the contact with people.

  • Jessica Malbet
    Jessica Malbet Operations agent (EXT 203)

    Graduated in tourism and strategic communication and public relations in France, Jessica has enriched her experience at the heart of a spiritual travel agency in Dharamsala, the Dalai Lama’s home town in Northern India. She gives great importance to a more responsible tourism, having a positive impact on local populations and environment.

  • Laurence Maurin
    Laurence Maurin Coordinator

    She has a degree in Tourism and French literature and is passionate about history and architecture, and has extensive experience as a guide in France and a tour escort in Europe. In professional tourism for over 20 years, she has acquired a know-how that enables her to identify the expectations of travelers, to give them good advice, to offer them a sincere look elsewhere, and to share her knowledge with passion.

Tour leaders

  • Alexis Pearson
    Alexis Pearson

    She initially studied Communications and Music. In her mid-twenties, she took a definitive step in her career to follow her heart and focusing on the aid relationship. In January 2015, she completed her Masters in Social Service. Introduced to traveling at a very young age, Alexis has visited many European countries as well as Honduras and Cuba. Having discovered her faith thanks to a group of young Christians, she is continually looking for new ways to share what nurtures and sustains her. She speaks French, English and Italian.

  • Catherine Agostini
    Catherine Agostini

    Franco-Indo-Canadian, she has lived around the world. She is a travel agent as well as a Yoga Nidra teacher and founder of Latitude bien-Être. By conquering the extreme (Sahara and Atacama Desert, Kilimanjaro and Cotopaxi, martial arts, F1, Indian shantytown), the harmony of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body has proved essential. She accompanies people at the end of life and incarcerated women with humility and compassion. Her qualities of listening and presence, her joy make her an Asian guide that will help you achieve your dreams.

  • Christine Angelard
    Christine Angelard

    Author and speaker, with a doctorate in medicine from the University of Toulouse, she also has degrees in homeopathy, traditional Chinese medicine and naturopathy. She practices as a naturopath in Montreal. She studied the symbolism of the human body and has been working for more than 20 years in global health. Her holistic vision of medicine led her to link the different tools of medicine, not to oppose them, for a more complete and more humane approach to the individual.

  • Darcy Lemire
    Darcy Lemire

    He was a tour guide in Peru from Quebec. While crossing the Americas on his bicycle and going for the first time in the Andes, they sparked his interest immensely. Afterwards, he only had one idea: to return there. He has been living in the Alps for seven years now, and has found happiness and serenity. He has learnt to listen to his heart more than his head and to be amazed.

  • Josée Godbout
    Josée Godbout

    She is a professional coach in strategic coaching. She manages DRIVE Leadership & Coaching whose mission is to support the change process and achieving balance with individuals and companies. A certified member of the Fédération internationale des coachs du Québec, she has training in “co-active coaching”, business administration, an education in naturopathy and art-therapy. As an artist-painter, she combines art and achievement of objectives as a potential approach to development. drive-coaching.com

  • Léo Guilbert
    Léo Guilbert

    Trained in educational psychology, he was a teacher for 38 years, at first in Madagascar, then in different schools in Quebec. In addition to Madagascar, he was a cooperant in Honduras and Africa. He finished his career in education as an internship supervisor at the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. He began his retirement in 2010 with the Santiago de Compostela road experience and he returned 6 years later. This Road is more than a pilgrimage to be done once, it’s a path of life. He does volunteer work today for different charities, pastoral, environmental and languages. His preferred journey is meeting and discovering people, while walking in the search of God.

  • Marie-Josée Arel
    Marie-Josée Arel

    A Quebec reference in the field of spirituality, Marie-Josee lived in a religious community when she was in her twenties. Today, as a speaker and a successful author, she is passionate about the spiritual development of the human being. With a certificate in theology, she offers spiritual retreats and days of healing where people have the space to discover and deepen their own connection to Greater than oneself. Nathalie Petrowski called her the Di Stasio of spirituality. She has cumulated over 30 years of spiritual development and thousands of hours of meditation and prayer.

  • Mark Langlois
    Mark Langlois

    He has training in theology and trained in spiritual guidance at the Centre Le Pèlerin in order to sharpen his ability to listen and be present for others. Previously, he worked as a teacher in the tourism department of CEGEP Champlain Regional College. His diversified experience in the tourism industry (from a tour guide to an agency owner) allowed him to have a taste of almost every aspect of travelling.

Spiritual Facilitators

  • Alain Gélinas
    Alain Gélinas

    Alain was a Brother of Saint-Gabriel, a congregation with whom he worked mainly in the field of training in Haiti and Rwanda. He left the community and was ordained a priest for the Diocese of Trois-Rivières in June 2000. He was responsible for various parishes before taking over the responsibility of the Maison Le Chemin, a center that offers spiritual guidance services and Christian Life formation.

  • Guy Guindon
    Guy Guindon PSS

    He is a native of Saint-Eustache in the Diocese of Saint-Jérôme. He was ordained a priest on August 24th, 1984. He completed a Master’s degree at the Université de Montréal in Pastoral Praxeology, a doctorate in Practical Theology at the Faculté de théologie et de sciences religieuses of Université Laval, and was awarded a Canonical Degree catechesis (Institut Catholique de Paris). In 2007, he joined The Society of the Priests of Saint-Sulpice. He is currently Director of the Grand Séminaire de Montréal and director of the pastoral department at the Institut de Formation Théologique de Montréal.

  • Marc-André Lafrenière
    Marc-André Lafrenière

    He is a member of the secular institute Voluntas Dei, and was ordained a priest in 1974. He has served his institute as responsible for the work of Missions, then as director of the Canadian district. In the Diocese of Montreal, he was respectfully pastor of the parishes of St-Arsène, St-Marc and St-Paul-de-la-Croix, and is currently responsible of the parish of St-Denis.



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