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Transmit your experience and your passion during an inspiring trip. We are here to help you make your project a reality. We will take care of all the steps to organise your trip for your destination of choice: plane tickets, lodging, transportation, excursions, local guides, travel insurance.

15 years transforming lives

  • What a beautiful trip, both inner and exterior. I thank the Lord for allowing me to experience this trip with all the openness of heart of the people with whom I shared these moments of eternity. It will forever be one of the great moments of my life.

    Chantal T. Quebec, Qc
  • I find that the contacts with Spiritours are always very caring and warm, open to others (person, culture…). Moreover, the spiritual dimension (by accepting people at the point where they are now) is very much appreciated. Good job and continuity!

    Caroline C. Montreal, Qc
  • I chose Spiritours for the challenge and to experience a true road to Santiago de Compostela, with all the difficulties and efforts that are implied. What I got out of it is a real reconciliation with people and a deepening of my spirituality.

    Jean-François B. Anjou, Qc
  • What a pleasure! An impeccable organisation, a popular itinerary choice and warm local tour leaders. An exceptional excursion in South East Asia that gave me souvenirs for a lifetime and a new lease on life.

    Andrée Lapointe Director of Les Grands Explorateurs

Going away to better find yourself

Transformational and renewal tours allow to completely get away from all your worries, social commitments, roles and expectations of others, as well as the overwhelming flow of information.

Going abroad allows this retreat, this necessary distance from your daily life in order to find inner harmony. Also, traveling allows you to come in contact with another culture and promotes a comprehension of the influence of your cultural and social framework and allows you to dissociate from your false identities and, in turn, discover the profound essence of your being.

Are you tired of running around?

Why not take a break to renew yourself and reconnect with this important part of yourself that you neglect way too often: your soul!

This characterises the atmosphere of our trips: travels that are thought-provoking and give you tools for human and spiritual growth, trips that may transform your life.

The objective: To go a step further, regardless of the point where everyone is at. Everyone’s pace and liberty of belief are respected. Moments of silence are encouraged, for a renewal and profound inner transformation. Nature occupies a privileged place. It leads to contemplation and is often a reflection of inner landscapes.

Mutual acceptance is encouraged in the small groups in order to develop fraternity, self-respect and respect of others, sharing and listening.


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