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your spirit...

Welcome to Spiritours

Tour opérateur spécialisé dans l'organisation de voyages de ressourcement et de pèlerinages dans un souci de tourisme responsable et de solidarité.

You want to organize a trip?

Pass on your experience and passion on an inspiring journey. We are here to help you make your project a reality. We will take care of all the steps of the organization of your trip to the destination of your choice: airfare, accommodation, transportation, excursions, local guides, travel insurance.

A word from our spokesperson Marie-Josée Arel

Leaving to better find each other

Healing trips allow you to completely withdraw from all your preoccupations, social commitments, roles and expectations imposed by those around you, as well as the invasive flow of information.

Traveling abroad allows for this retreat, this necessary distance from one’s daily life to find oneself. Also, travel puts you in contact with another culture and helps you understand the influence of your cultural and social framework and allows you to dissociate yourself from your false identities and, by the same token, to discover the deepest essence of your being.

Are you tired of running?

Why not take a break to recharge your batteries and reconnect with that important part of yourself that you too often neglect: your soul!

This characterizes the atmosphere of our trips: thought-provoking trips that provide tools for human and spiritual growth, trips that can transform your life.

The goal: to go one step further, no matter how far each person has come. The rhythm and freedom of each person’s beliefs are respected. Moments of silence are encouraged, for a deep inner transformation. Nature has a privileged place. It leads to contemplation and is often the reflection of inner landscapes.

Mutual welcome is encouraged within the small groups so that fraternity, self-esteem and others, sharing and listening are developed.

We've been transforming lives since 2003

I find that the contacts with Spiritours are always very human and warm, full of openness to the other (person, culture...). Moreover, the spiritual dimension (accepting people as they are) is very much appreciated. Good work and good continuity!

I chose Spiritours for the challenge and to live a real Compostela journey, with all the difficulties and efforts that this implies. What I got out of it was a true reconciliation with the human being and a deepening of my spirituality.

Only happiness! An impeccable organization, a choice of itinerary and welcoming local guides. An exceptional incursion into Southeast Asia that brought me memories for life and gave me a new breath.

What a beautiful journey, both inside and outside. I thank the Eternal for having allowed me to live this journey with all the openness of the heart of the people with whom I shared these moments of eternity. It will remain forever inscribed among the most beautiful moments of my life.

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