A word from the director

Spiritual tourism is a trend

Anne Godbout

I am always a little surprised when I hear this. Some people talk about it as if it were a fashion, whereas pilgrimages have existed for thousands of years. For me, it has been a great passion for many years, but I must admit that when Spiritours was founded in 2003, we felt marginalized, whereas today, the trend has been reversed. In a society where many have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, there was confusion at that time between spirituality and religion. However, the field of spirituality is much wider, it concerns everything that gives meaning to life, everything that touches the deepest and most authentic part of the human being.

“Spirituality implies the idea of personal growth. One can feel the need for a spiritual life and engage in a process of inner growth without belonging to a religion or/and practicing it. The so-called spiritual person is not primarily the one who adheres to a religion, but rather the one who is capable of interiority and the one who believes in a transcendence” *

In order to better respond to different needs, we offer two categories of trips: At the Source of Being, wellness trips focused on personal growth, and At the Source of Faith, Christian pilgrimages open to all.

Among our new packages in the “At the Source of Being” category, let’s mention an immersion among the “Innu of the Sea” in the North Shore, a stay of rejuvenation and walking in consciousness in the Magdalen Islands, a pilgrimage trip in the Rockies with a personal and spiritual growth process.

Our new packages in the “Sources of Faith” category include a family pilgrimage to Italy for the World Meeting of Families, a trip to Germany-Austria to attend the Passion Play in Oberammergau, and a Marian pilgrimage to Mexico during All Saints’ Day and the famous Dia de los muertos.

I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank everyone who supported and encouraged us during the pandemic. Many of you have expressed your solidarity with us by a word, a gesture, a participation, and this has helped us to persevere. I would also like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the members of the Spiritours team – companions, close collaborators and administrative staff – for their faith in Spiritours, their resilience and their perseverance. Finally, I would like to thank our partners from here and elsewhere who have shown great receptivity to our revival projects, especially for the great “Spiritual Journeys Around the World” series and local tourism, with the Explore Quebec program.

May this year 2022 allow you to discover or rediscover the greatest of journeys, the one within yourself!

May this year 2022 allow you to discover or rediscover the greatest of journeys, good journey, good road on the way of life and to the pleasure to see you physically soon!

We look forward to hearing from you,

Anne Godbout, Présidente et fondatrice

* Gilles Godbout, Spirituality and health

A word from our spokesperson

Marie-Josée Arel

Marie Josée Arel

The past year has made it clear that we have very little control in this world. However, we do have the power to change our beliefs and perceptions of ourselves, others, the world and nature. Traveling with Spiritours is about giving ourselves the opportunity and the conditions to emancipate and regenerate ourselves through the places, the context and the relationships that take place. It is a space to touch our luminous essence and allow it to expand. I am happy to be part of this company that cultivates Beauty and Light through travel and healing!

Marie-Josée Arel, author and speaker

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